Jimmy Rupnow is a composer, recording artist and producer. All of his music is written, performed and recorded exclusively alone. This entire band sound music reflects multiple genres (rock, country, folk, jazz, jam band) and culminates into sedate rock from a highly distinctive modus operandi. In addition to carefully crafted lyrics music is deep-rooted especially from working with professors, family, friends and mentors for decades.


Rock, folk, blues, jazz, country, classical and opera style vocalist, piano, keyboard and organ player. Live and studio artist from Ontario, Canada.

Graduate from the University of Waterloo in Environmental Studies and Music Studio Voice and Piano at Conrad Grebel College. Jimmy's mom Carole Ann (Beattie) Rupnow from the Dundas family is a relative of Garth Hudson from Canadian-American roots rock group The Band. They were regarded as one of the world's most popular and influential rock bands of all time during the 1960s-1970s. (See PHOTOS page). Jimmy's close Aunt Betty (Beattie) Caldwell used to ride on the back of Gordon Lightfoot's motorcycle and have been friends for decades. Early since Gord was playing at coffee houses in Toronto.

There are many of Jimmy's original songs live streaming at all digital outlets. The album entitled Jimmy Rupnow was recorded in 2013. Behind Fire his second album was released in December 2015. Other Levels is a double album from 2016. Two singles were released then Providence is his latest album in 2021. The songs are written, performed, mixed and mastered by Jimmy at Blue Springs Studios in Waterloo, Ontario. Paul Stouffer, piano expert and jazz entertainer was Jimmy's piano and music advisor over the course of many years after studying at university. It is fortunate to have worked on music concepts with such an extraordinary multi-talented musician who can really play!

Jimmy enjoys travelling to see live music in mostly in the United States and spends a lot of time working on music, mountain biking, skiing and swimming. Favourite bands are Phish, Trey Anastasio Band, Mike Gordon, Tedeski Trucks Band, Luna, Dean Wareham, Britta Phillips and Gordon Lightfoot to mention some. 

He enjoys spending time also in northern Ontario at a quiet cottage on a lake with an amazing musical family and friends. There is a family history up near Algonquin Park that has been a place to always call home in a quiet remote area. Also growing up on a farm, being in nature was always important and memorial in all of life's ventures .








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Jimmy has 4 studio solo albums
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